For over 48 years Sahara Pools has been specializing in high quality products and services.  Let our fully insured and highly trained pool technicians open your pool and give you peace of mind.  Proper pool openings are essential for a great start to the swimming pool season.


Let us handle the essentials

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*All chemicals are billed additional

Approx. $75-$100


We'll take care of the dirty work for you

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*All chemicals are billed additional

Approx. $75-$100


We do it all... you just swim!

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*All chemicals are billed additional

Approx. $200-$400

Removal of winter cover

(All solid covers must be dry)

Fold and put away cover

Removal of winter plugs and flushing of antifreeze

Re-installation of eyeball directionals diving board, ladder, handrails, etc

Reassembly of pump, filters & heater. (Up to two pumps & filters)

Inspection for system water leaks.  Lubrication/replacement of o-rings as needed.  (Cost of o-ring is additional)

System prime, startup & airbleed.

Initial Vacuum to waste (up to 1 hour)

Brushing of pool surfaces

Skimming of surface debris

Initial test and adjustment of Chlorine/Salt, pH, Alkalinity, Stabilizer and Hardness.

(All balancing chemicals are additional)

Up to 2 return visits (if needed) to vacuum settled debris & balance chemistry until clear.

Gas heater maintenance (natural or propane)

Backwashing of filter

Blow debris off patio

Adjust timer tabs or program Jandy


Pool Opening FAQ

Do I need to be home for my scheduled time of pool opening?

Nope! Sahara Pools can open your pool since everything is outside, as long as the electricity to the pool is on. We ask that all equipment and materials (i.e. skimmer baskets, return eyeballs, etc.) needed for the opening are left outside. We also need the gates into the pool unlocked as well as the water level of the pool filled to operating level.

Why is Sahara Pools asking for my credit card information?

Prior to preforming any service, we require a valid form of payment on file. You will not be charged for the service until it is completed, at which time you will receive an invoice via email.

Can I request a specific date and time for my pool opening?

We attempt to accommodate specific dates and times for our customers. Our service team organizes their openings by location to minimize travel time and maximize our efficiency. While we are unable to guarantee a specific date and time. please make a note in the special requests/comments box on the opening submission form. The first appointment of the day is the only appointment we can guarantee a specific time. We will call you on the Sunday of the week you've requested to let you know your specific day of service.

Are chlorine, shock, and algaecide included in the price of the opening?

All chemicals are billed additionally. Our service team determines the amount of chemicals needed for each pool based upon the condition of the water when the cover is removed. A standard pool opening can expect an extra $75 to $100 on chemicals.

Can Sahara Pools tell me what time my pool will be opened that day?

We make every effort to adhere to a tight service schedule. Due to things we cannot control, i.e. weather, unforeseen complications at an opening, etc. we are not able to specify an exact time of arrival. No two pools are the same, so each pool takes a different amount of time to complete the job.

How long does a typical pool opening take?

A typical opening takes around 1-2 hours. In most cases, the 'Bronze Openings' take the shortest amount of time and the 'Platinum Openings' take the longest due to the amount of work we perform for each. There are of course exceptions for some pools that take longer than 2 hours due to their size or complexity of systems (i.e. multiple pumps and water features).

Will Sahara Pools vacuum my pool at the time of my opening?

Sahara Pools will only vacuum your pool at the opening if you have selected the Gold or Platinum Openings.


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