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Terms of Service

Sahara Pools, Inc.

1160 Route 22 West

Lebanon, Nj 08833


NJHIC Registration Number 13VH01390200

NJ Business Entity Identification Number 7847942500


CREDIT CARDS: A valid credit card is required on your account prior to the scheduling of any pool service appointment. Upon completion of service, the provided credit card payment will be processed. If the credit card is declined for any reason, Customer agrees to the assessment of finance charges as described below.

Customer’s acknowledgement of this Agreement is the authorization to charge the scheduled payment to your credit card at completion of the pool service. 

If Customer wished to dispute any credit card charge, Customer is required to first contact Sahara Pools to raise and attempt to resolve the dispute before initiating any dispute with the credit card company.

FINANCE CHARGES: Finance charges are made on any balances past due according to the following method: Using the unpaid balance of your account at the end of the billing period, we multiply this amount by the following monthly periodic rate: 1-1/2% of the balance, which is an ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE OF 18%.

COLLECTION COSTS: If amounts are not paid as agreed, we may demand immediate payment of the full balance. If the balance is referred to a collection agency or attorney for collection, you agree to pay a fee of 33% of the total balance due plus any court costs.

SUSPENSION OF SERVICES: Sahara Pools has the right to suspended services of accounts with outstanding balances.

LIABILITY: Sahara Pools is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by failure to make delivery or repair due to labor shortage, strikes, manufacturer’s failure to deliver, weather conditions, or any condition beyond our control. 

In the event of non-payment, and Sahara Pools does not deliver or repair as a result of non-payment, Sahara Pools will not be liable for any damages in either a direct or indirect manner. Sahara Pools has the right to pause service for a non-payment.

24 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY FOR SAHARA POOLS: Pool Service may be canceled upon 24 hours advanced notice by email to without a rescheduling fee. If cancellation is less than 24 hours before scheduled service date a $75.00 rescheduling fee shall be charged to your account. 

POST-SERVICE CANCELLATION: If pool service is completed prior to Sahara Pools receiving notice of cancellation, Customer is fully responsible for services performed. 

INSURANCE: Attached hereto is a copy of Sahara Pools' Certificate of Commercial General Liability Insurance.  The telephone number for Sahara Pools' insurance company is 973-726-2612.  Sahara Pools maintains mandatory workers' compensation insurance coverage.

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