Cloudy pool water?

It takes two essential ingredients to keep your pool water clear: proper filtration and proper chemical levels.  Traditional filter sand needs to be changed every 3-5 years.   As the sand ages its edges become rounded and the filter efficiency is dramatically decreased.  Make sure your filter is working properly with a sand filter media change today.     

Never replace your filter sand again!

Sahara Pools has professionally tested and confirmed a drastic improvement in water clarity and sanitization.  We strongly recommend upgrading to Activate & Enhance Glass Media today.


Activate is a PERMENANT filter media that replaces sand, zeolite or crushed glass.  It is a sustainable solution

for crystal clear water.

3 reasons why activate is a more effective filter media than sand:


Better filtration with up to 300 times more surface area than sand for clearer water.


Attracts and captures harmful bacteria with a negatively charged filter media for cleaner water.


Prevents the growth of bacteria and algae with a self-sterilizing surface that for healthier water.

Industry-leading Quality

Activate is 100% pure and resistant to bacteria.

Activate permanent filter media is used in more than 250,000 pools. It is trusted by industry professionals as the best product for creating clear water and a healthier swimming environment.

Activate is certified by WQA to meet NSF 50 – the industry standard for safe and clean water.

Activate Filter Glass Replacement:

  • Superior water clarity and sanitization

  • Highly resistant to bacteria

  • Never change your filter media ever again!

(most filters require 10 bags)

Labor: $200 $30 Per Bag

Traditional Filter Sand Replacement

  • Sand must be changed every 3 - 5 years

  • May require additional chemical clarifiers and sanitizers

Labor: $200 + $15 Per Bag

(most filters require 6 bags)


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